Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.’ – Kate Spade

There is no better opportunity to present a new collection than at a fashion show. An elegant fashion show made with painstaking attention to detail and a hint of piety towards the designer not only inspires awe, but is also a memorable experience for each viewer. A combination of appropriate setting and carefully selected faces significantly elevates both the reputation and the value of the brand – especially in the eyes of consumers and investors. UNIQUE Agency specialise in organising emotional events that are intended to bring out the real potential of a given collection.
We collaborate with designers, owners of boutiques and large clothing stores, businesspeople, etc. We comprehensively organise fashion shows, both small festivals and classic presentations catering for a given group of clients. We create events that present not only the current collection, but also the entire brand. We select appropriate decorations and an audio-visual setting. Depending on the needs and preferences of our client, we do the following:
▪ prepare the design and visualisation of the planned endeavour
▪ build an appropriate setting that is adjusted to the theme of the collection or brand
▪ provide lighting and sound systems and cover all related technical issues
▪ design, build and decorate cat-walks
▪ provide videorecording and photography
▪ rent furniture and necessary equipment (including large screens, LEDs, etc.)
▪ provide make-up and styling for the models.

We know that the prospective customer’s first contact with a new collection is crucial. Thus, we make every effort to fully tailor our projects to the preferences of our client. Extravagant, spectacular, often extraordinary and surprising – our fashion shows are memorable events.