A lookbook is a solution for presenting collections attractively and effectively. High-quality product photographs are the basis of marketing and sales, as they let consumers get to know the product from its best side, which greatly impacts purchasing decisions. UNIQUE is an experienced agency dealing with the organisation of fashion sessions and the production of lookbooks for companies throughout Poland. Our advantage is the full range of services we offer. The client provides us with their products and guidelines, then we create a vision for them together with a finished product in the form of a unique lookbook. Our photographs are produced using top-end equipment in a fully outfitted Krakow photography studio


A lookbook is a solution that will allow you to present your products to your prospective customers in the best possible light. In most cases, lookbooks are photographs with white backgrounds or in a setting with a different neutral colour. This presents your products in the most natural and clear way, so that every customer can see their advantages. Lookbook-type photographs are used in the production of catalogues, marketing materials, social media campaigns and websites. They allow you to highlight the strengths of your product and boosting its sales.


Each brand is different and requires a separate vision of product presentation. Just like a photo shoot, this requires time, means, experience and full commitment in order to develop. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask professionals to do it for you. Our team produces lookbooks from start to finish: We offer solutions such as classic photos against a white background as well as packshot photos. For our work, we engage professional models, make-up artists and stylists, whose job it is to present the clothes being photographed in the best light. Our photo studio allows us to create photos with different kinds of backgrounds, in multiple arrangements and forms – such as 360° product photography. It also features a cyclorama. We understand the needs of our clients well: We know that they do not always have the time and possibility to be involved in product sessions. We can create lookbooks starting from the development of ideas through to the final retouch, all done in a timely and reliable manner. We have been trusted by many companies from different industries, including worldwide fashion brands, for which creativity and complete professionalism are the basis of any collaboration. Your role, depending on your needs and expectations, is simply to provide the product and guidelines, and then to collect your ready lookbook.


The final result of a professional product photo shoot is a set of high-quality photographs that you can use for marketing and sales purposes. The photographs go through comprehensive photo-processing in accordance with agreed arrangements and are 100% ready for use in magazines, printed materials, websites or social media. Our specialty is fashion and advertising photography, so if you’re looking for a company to create a ready lookbook for a designer, producer or clothing brand, you’re in the right place. Our photography studio in Krakow and our experienced team will give you a photo shoot that will highlight all your products’ best features. By working with us, you’ll save time and receive excellent results in the form of a top-quality lookbook.